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Experience the thrill of America's Cup Match Racing

Take an active part in supporting Long Island Sound’s historical connection to the America’s Cup

The Learning Experience

The 12 Meter Yacht Development Foundation offers young and old the opportunity to experience the thrill of America’s Cup 12m sailing and match racing.

12 Metre Foundation

Sail on the yachts that made America’s Cup history and help maintain their proud legacy.

Head to Head Competition

America II US 42 was selected by Hollywood Producer Francis Ford Coppola to star in the 1992 TriStar movie Wind.


I2m Yacht Development Foundation [I2mYDF] was conceived in Greenwich, Connecticut in 2006 on the Western end of Long Island Sound which has had such a significant historical contribution to the America’s Cup and the maritime history of the United States.   As we celebrate 10 years of operation and prepare to enter our second decade –we remain true to our Charitable Mission with exciting plans to “acquire, restore, and preserve historic America’s Cup Class l2m yachts and their match racing heritage.”

The foundation began with the acquisition, restoration and preservation of our first America’s Cup Class I2m yacht America II / US42 (2007) whose syndicate campaigned in the 1987 America’s Cup in Perth, Australia. In (2010) we  restored and preserved Lionheart /K18   which challenged for Great Britain in the 1980 America’s Cup in Newport, RI and in  (2014) we  then restored and preserved Freedom / US30 – the last winner  of the 1980 America’s Cup in Newport.  Only with your continued help and support can we actively continue our foundations mission to secure and restore other historic America’s Cup Class yachts and to educate and preserve their match racing heritage for all enthuasists to enjoy.

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